Quiet or gentle as the voices that,

move discourse, comment on what they watch and write about what they see, analyze the individual reading speed that a certain book requires and generates at the same time, say thank you for sharing, transmit ideas, i.e. mental images, imitates the world, as art imitates nature, ask what a text is, walk through a page, define book itself as a little machine, describe each image as a call seeking an answer, choose to read, use the book as an instrument of performance, speak the vocal interpretation as a construction of ephemeral reality, call the book, in its purest form, a phenomenon of space and time and dimensionality that is unique in itself, explain of the book as an object destined to be used to perform its texts, is distracted, books with tall, thin pagesmade to be folded into several forms, such as cylinders, speak intentionally to transmit a particular image, tell about aesthetic, performative, and political significance of the voice, from script to reading, will speak of a set, when components are numerous, define the aesthetics of the sounding of the text, start a new discourse with the printed page, there are lines of articulation or segmentary, strata and territories; but also lines of flight, movements of deterritorialization and destratification, consider a book,

This site was developed to present the ongoing research delevoped by Aula, in which words and their meaning are inquired into the act of reading through the performance of their extension.